Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Terra Novus, Ep. 1/11 - Exodus

Listen to the 1st episode on 2Active Design's Website

This episode featured the talents of:
Zach Bassett: Issac
Ted Woods: Graham, Briggs
Tiffany Cullen: Council Member 1
Ashley Spears: Aurora
Gordon Chicowlas: Captain Morris
Ashley Sahler: Council Member
Elena Barbarich: News Reporter
Laura Baer: Dylan
Chris Velez: Osotica, Quinn

Ashley Spears: SCRIPT EDITOR
Carlos Velasco (2ActiveDesign): SOUND FX, MIXING, MASTERING
Samuel Jagoda: MUSIC

Terra Novus was recorded at Keys Hall, Scad Radio. Savannah, Georgia. 2008/09.
This episode airs on Scad Radio - Wed. May 13th, 2009.

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Home for Everything Terra Novus

Check back for updates on upcoming episodes. Add us to your blog watch or become a member of the official facebook group.
Expect lots of new material this summer - read character bios, hear interviews, read episode summaries and the original scripts and view artwork and character designs.

They're not looking for earth, they're looking for home